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This document describes the terms and conditions that are accepted by you, as a user, when using this website.

Accordingly, Qualicorp Consultoria e Corretora de Seguros S.A. (“Qualicorp”), CNPJ 11.992.680/0001-93, located at Avenida Paulista, 475, 3º andar Parte, Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP, CEP 01311-000, and the individual and/or legal entity (“user”) concerned, sign this Term of Accession, Use and Conditions of the Website (“Term of Use”) to regulate the rights and obligations to which the parties will be subject for the use of the website.

Acceptance of the Terms of Accession, Use and Conditions

By accessing this website, the user freely, knowingly, expressly, informedly, fully and unreservedly AGREES, ACCEPTS AND ADHERES to the conditions and terms of the website when first accessing it.

The user also AGREES, ACCEPTS AND ADHERES to the particular conditions, Policies and Agreements that form part of or are referenced in them, and those that in the future may complement, replace and/or modify them in relation to the services and contents of the website.

Please read this document carefully before accessing and/or using any service on the website under your own responsibility.

Refusal of the Terms of Use may result in the user’s access being terminated.



These Terms of Use are intended to regulate the provision of all interactions on this website, with attention to the following services:

  • Register/Mailing list;
  • Contact IR;
  • Presentations and Conference Calls.

1.1. The user is hereby informed that the service offered by the registration/mailing list website includes a form to be filled in by the user, in order to encourage adherence and engagement in the activities of the investor relations area.

1.2. The website has a Contact IR service, with a form to be filled in by the user, enabling contact between users and professionals in the area, for the purposes of suggestions/criticism/miscellaneous requests, a specific care is generated for each request, this information is integrated for viewing and monitoring by specialized staff.

1.3. The website offers the service of presentations and conference calls, in line with market practice.

1.4. The user is aware and agrees that the services are provided as they are, and that the information is subject to change.

1.5 The user is hereby informed and agrees that the services of the website will be available 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week, but that for reasons beyond the control of Qualicorp, including, but not limited to, fortuitous, force majeure, and server maintenance, the services of the application may be unavailable for consultation by the user.



2.1. It is the user’s obligation to take note of the full content of these Terms of Use and other documents and notices regulating the website.

2.2. The user declares, acknowledges and accepts that it is his/her responsibility and risk to operate the website and use the services. The user undertakes to take due care when sharing, participating in, using and/or operating the services, recognizing that the user understands and is aware of all the risks related to the use of the services.

2.3.Therefore, by accepting these Terms of Use, the user declares that he/she is aware that he/she is solely and exclusively responsible for all the information provided when using the services on the website, and is liable, including to third parties, for any damages or losses arising from incorrect, incomplete or untrue information entered in this website.

2.4. Furthermore, the user acknowledges that the inclusion of any untrue, false or adulterated information will subject him/her to all applicable sanctions under Brazilian law, including criminal sanctions.

2.5. The proper use of all Internet resources, without exception, is the sole responsibility of the website user.

2.6. Before making an investment decision, potential investors should carefully consider, in the light of their own financial situation and investment objectives, all the information available on this website and, in particular, evaluate the Risk Factors.



3.1. Qualicorp cannot be held responsible for any failure or non-functioning of the services caused by third parties or due to fortuitous or force majeure.

3.1. Qualicorp is not responsible, expressly or tacitly, for the improper use of the information, instruments, materials made available and/or equipment used by this website, for whatever purpose, made by any user, who is entirely responsible for any damage to their own rights or those of third parties, whether or not caused by such improper use.

3.3. In no event shall Qualicorp, its directors, officers or employees be liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising out of connection with this website or use on its part or inability to use by any party, or with respect to any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect or delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or line or system failure, even if Qualicorp or its representatives have been advised of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

3.4. Qualicorp is not responsible for the content of other websites (a) whose addresses are available on the pages of this website, or (b) whose address of this website is available on them. Qualicorp does not guarantee compensation for any damage caused by the websites referred to in this section.

3.5. Regarding the exchange of messages between the user and Qualicorp via the Internet, please consult the Privacy Policy

3.6. If the user has problems connecting to the Internet, these problems must be solved directly with the telecommunication service provider, and Qualicorp will not be involved in any such problems.

3.7. Qualicorp will under no circumstances be held responsible for theft, loss or damage related to the use of the services and for any and all information provided by the user.

3.8. Qualicorp will use best practices to keep the website up to date, complete and accurate at all times, but will not be held responsible for error, fraud, inaccuracy or divergence in data, videos, photos or other materials.



Qualicorp reserves the right to improve the functionality of this website depending on the analysis and consolidation of the information and suggestions collected and the opportunities these present for all users of the website. For more information on the use of information collected on this website, please consult the Privacy Policy.

Qualicorp also expresses that it adopts all possible technical and administrative security measures for the protection of personal data, under the terms of current legislation. The use of some functionalities of the website implies the need to collect personal data, which will be dealt with in the Privacy Policy and Cookies Banner, which dilutes the information on cookies.

In the event of a conflict between the documents, the provisions of the more specific document will prevail.



In order to access and use the exclusive functionalities of the website, as well as the services related to it, the user must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age. By continuing to browse, you declare that you are fully capable of exercising all the acts of civil life and that you have fully and carefully read the rules of this document.



Unless otherwise specified, all the content of the pages of this website, such as information, materials, tools, page organization, graphics and drawings, belong to Qualicorp or to third parties who have legally assigned their right of use.

The improper use and reproduction of the aforementioned content or names on this website is prohibited, except and only when expressly authorized in writing by Qualicorp.


For the website to function correctly, it is essential to have access to and traffic of information between the terminals of your computer or mobile device and the servers that host this website. Qualicorp does not guarantee and is not responsible for the full and uninterrupted availability of the services offered herein and is not responsible for any failures in the traffic of this data and the website.

Under no circumstances shall Qualicorp be held liable for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the use of, or inability to use, this website or from reliance on the information and materials on this website.

This website may also contain links to other web pages. As Qualicorp has no control over third party websites, you acknowledge and agree that Qualicorp is not responsible for any content or material on third party websites.

Likewise, you acknowledge and agree that Qualicorp shall not be held directly or indirectly liable for any damages caused or losses suffered as a result of the use of or reliance on information or materials obtained from third-party sites, such as hacker attacks, system failures, viruses, malware, Trojan horses, among others, which may damage users’ equipment or connection.

Considering that Qualicorp has no obligation to control the actions carried out by Users when accessing its website, it will not be held responsible under any circumstances for the acts perpetrated by them, including unlawful acts, and the offender will be solely responsible for any damages caused.

You, as a user, are responsible for verifying the reliability of the information before making decisions or taking actions on the Qualicorp website.



This website may contain links to third party websites and applications. Please note that these websites and applications, if used by you, may subject you to other Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

The existence of links does not imply a relationship of endorsement or sponsorship by Qualicorp with these third parties, Qualicorp being free of any burden or responsibility for content, services or products offered by third parties, through e-mails, SMS, and other possible contacts.



Access to the website will be available for an indefinite period of time, and Qualicorp may, at its sole discretion, at any time and regardless of reason or prior notice, update the policies, personal data collected, terms of use, without any indemnity or compensation being due to the user.



These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Brazilian law, irrespective of any conflict between such laws and the laws of other states and countries. The parties elect the jurisdiction of the District of São Paulo – SP as competent to settle any disputes that may arise from the interpretation and fulfillment of this document.



These Terms of Use may be updated without prior notice to the User, and the most current version will always be kept on this website. Qualicorp recommends that you consult these Terms of Use periodically to check for any changes.


Note: Having accessed this website and some of its pages, the user will have automatically accepted all the Terms and Conditions here laid down. Therefore, please cease the navigation and public searching of the pages of this website in the event of your not agreeing with all of the above Terms and Conditions.


Last update: September 21, 2023

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