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Qualicorp Consultoria e Corretora de Seguros S.A. (“Company” or “Qualicorp”) is one of the leading, full-service healthcare benefits administrators and health management services providers in Brazil, serving more than 2.6 million beneficiaries, which allows it to negotiate with Operators prices and conditions that are more advantageous to its Beneficiaries.

The Company was founded in 1997 with the goal of expanding access to high-quality affordable private health plans to the public. Qualicorp’s business model doesn’t assume any underwriting or reimbursement risk.

Qualicorp takes an innovative approach to administering and managing health benefits by combining “pre and post-sale” services via a wide range of medical and administrative solutions designed to create significant value for its clients, customers and partners.

Qualicorp provides benefits administration, billing, benefits planning consulting, health insurance brokerage, health risk management services, analysis and reporting of loss ratios and third-party administration (“TPA”) services through two business segments:

Affinity – The Company negotiates contracts with Health Plan Operators on behalf of professional associations (which Qualicorp also refers to as Affinity groups) to structure tailor-made solutions for members of these associations. The Company’s clients can save up to 50% relative to what its beneficiaries would pay for a comparable individual health plan. In addition, the Company provides exclusive brokerage services to distribute these plans directly to professional association members. Qualicorp also provides value-added services to: (1) beneficiaries, such as enrollment, billing, customer service and medical concierge services; (2) professional associations, such as outsourcing administrative services and creation of incentives to help recruit and retain members; and (3) Health Plan Operators, such as sales, billing and guaranteed payment for the first 30-days past due. The Company is the primary interface with beneficiaries, developing a direct relationship with them, which leads to high customer retention rates and creates cross-selling opportunities for other products such as dental and life insurance.

Corporate and Other – Qualicorp provides health plan consultancy, brokerage, healthcare information technology and TPA services to leading national and multi-national companies and governmental entities in Brazil. In working with its clients, the Company utilizes a specialized, consultative approach and seek to provide high-quality, personalized services, intended to strengthen its corporate client relationships, which reinforce its ability to be a unique distribution and management channel for Health Plan Operators.

Qualicorp has currently 2.5 thousand direct employees and a highly diversified client base that included around 2.6 million beneficiaries in its Affinity group health plan segment, with 287 professional associations, 108 partner operators and 2.3 thousand small, medium and large client corporations.

Last update: May 25, 2022

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