Benefits Administrator – Legal entity that proposes the contracting of a group health plan in the capacity of policy holder or a provider of services to companies contracting group health plans, carrying on at least one of the activities listed in ANS Normative Ruling 196 of July 14, 2009.

Affinity – Type of group health plan contracted by members of professional associations and/or industry associations.

ANS – National Health Agency.

Professional Association and/or Industry Association – Legal entities with status as a professional, industry or other sector association, as defined in ANS Normative Ruling No. 195 of July14, 2009.

Associates – Group of individuals related to legal entities with status as a professional, industry or other sector association set forth in ANS Normative Ruling 195 of July 14, 2009, as well as their dependents.

Beneficiaries – Individuals who benefit from: (i) health and dental care plans of the Affinity and Corporate and Others segments; (ii) Health Management services; and (iii) TPA services, considered as a group.

CFM – Federal Council of Medicine

CNAS – National Social Assistance Council

CNSP – National Private Insurance Council.

Connectivity – Services provided through a real-time system for capturing, routing, authorizing and billing medical, hospital and dental procedures to the service network of an accredited health care operator.

Corporate and Others – Segment in which the Company provides brokerage services to companies, as well as specialized consulting services in benefits management. It encompasses the type of contracting of Group Health Plan by employees or people related to an employer qualifying as Legal Entity or Government Body, including consulting services related to group benefits, brokerage, information technology applied to healthcare and TPA to companies, as well as Government Bodies in Brazil.

D&O – Directors and Officers Civil Liability Insurance.

E&O – Professional Civil Liability Insurance.

IRB – IRB Brasil Resseguros S.A.

Novo Mercado – Special listing segment of BM&FBOVESPA with differentiated rules for corporate governance.

Operators or Health Plan Operators – Legal entities incorporated as commercial or civil law companies, cooperatives or self-managed entities, which operate health plans.

Health Plan – Private healthcare plan that consists of continuous provision of healthcare services or coverage of assistance costs at a fixed or variable price, for a undetermined period, with the purpose of ensuring, without financial limit, the provision of healthcare services through choice of access and services provided by health professionals or services, at free choice, that are or are not part of the service, contracted or accredited network, for the provision of health and dental care services, to be fully or partially paid by the contracted operator through reimbursement or direct payment to the service provider, on behalf and by order of the consumers.

PMA – Minimum Adjusted Equity.

Healthcare Providers – Professionals and companies in the healthcare sector, including clinics, laboratories and hospitals.

PREVIC – National Superintendence of Complementary Social Security.

SUS – Unified Health System.

SUSEP – Superintendence of Private Health Insurance.

TPA – Provision of administrative support services, including: (i) support to the connectivity of healthcare service network; (ii) regulation of medical appointment, exam and hospitalization procedures; (iii) processing and auditing of medical bills; and (iv) Beneficiary service center.

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