Integrity and Compliance Program

Qualicorp is a publicly-held company, and one of Brazil’s leaders in the administration, management and sales of group, corporate and group health plans by affinity. It currently has 3 thousand direct employees, works with 400 Professional Associations and/or class entities, 103 partner HMOs, among others, to serve our more than 2.6 million beneficiaries.

With such a large operation, our responsibilities are equally great. The transparency and regularity of our activities, as well as a zero-tolerance stance towards corruption, fraud and illicit acts are a fundamental part of our commitment to all our stakeholders, and define our corporate culture on an ethical and sustainable basis.

To ensure that our business strategy and operations comply with the law, our values and internal standards, our Integrity and Compliance Program is comprehensive, consisting of specially developed principles, measures and guidelines.

Qualicorp’s Integrity and Compliance Program operates on multiple levels:

  1. Laws and Regulators: processes and operations are guided by principles and guidelines that aim to ensure full compliance with the rules and regulations to which we are subject.
  2. Governance/ESG: commitment to the best corporate management practices and accountability towards our value chain, ensuring the sustainability of our operations and the quality of our relationships.
  3. Relationships: our due diligence and background check processes support our premise of always seeking ethical and sustainable relationships with our stakeholders.
  4. Data protection: we adopt principles and guidelines to ensure data protection for our clients and other stakeholders.
  5. Anti-corruption and fraud: zero tolerance and procedures designed to ensure the prevention, identification and remediation of acts of Corruption, Fraud and illicit acts, in all their forms and outcomes.

Qualicorp’s Top Management is committed to providing a positive experience not only to its clients, but to everyone with whom we operate, directing the Company to always be attentive to the fulfillment of its obligations and to act with integrity in its diverse relationships, from suppliers, business partners, employees and shareholders.

As an instrument designed to foster integrity and compliance, this Program determines the broad dissemination, through education and communication, of the ethical conduct that must be followed by all those who act on behalf of Qualicorp, regardless of position, function or location. In addition, ethics and compliance risks are continuously mapped and revisited by the Company’s leadership, who monitor the addressing of actions for their prevention, remediation and mitigation.

To preserve the integrity of our business conduct, Qualicorp maintains a Reporting Channel available 24 hours a day so that anyone can report in good faith any indication or potential violation of the Company’s laws and internal rules.  The Channel can be accessed through: and by telephone (0800-721-5959).

Governance of the Integrity and Compliance Program

Qualicorp’s Top Management is responsible for monitoring the progress of the Company’s Integrity and Compliance Program and acting in certain cases related to the Ethics and Conduct Code. Thus, the areas that carry out activities related to the Program, through the Compliance, Audit and Risk Department, report to the Statutory Audit Committee.

An Ethics Committee was created at Qualicorp’s executive level, which is dedicated to issues related to the Denouncement Channel, among others.

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